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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the use of Makro Digital Services (Online Services of ARO Commercial Co., Ltd.)

ARO Commercial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company ") has created and provided online and digital services covering all types of online media. Purpose is for the company's customers to be able to access services on online media and digital services more conveniently such as websites, application and social media etc. For your own benefit, please read the terms and conditions of use of the online service carefully before using the company online services. If you have any questions you can contact the company at [Call Center Tel 09-770-330-003 ext. 200 – 204 Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs.]

Viewing or accessing any services through the online services of the company considered you has agreed to be bounded by these terms and conditions of use. In case you disagree and do not agree to be bounded by these terms and conditions of use, please refrain access to the company's online services in all channels.

1.      Subscription

1.1. Online services of the company provides services for both registered users of Makro members and general users who can receive benefits from online activities, order products or participate in promotional activities has been held on websites, applications, social media or other online channels. Incidentally, the benefits may vary depending on the type of your Makro membership or the company's online service channels.

1.2. Registration for membership of the company’s online service must provide accurate personal information, true, complete and current. When the information is changed, you will have to update that information and keep it up to date. The company will manage personal information in accordance with the privacy policy of the company.

1.3. Signing up for membership and using the online services of the company in all channels, you must be 18 years old or older.

1.4. Steps in case you do not have a mobile phone number, you must contact Makro branch that you have applied for membership to fill out the information and request for personal information update. The system will update the information so you can access the online services of the company.

1.5. Checking the accuracy of personal information after registering the membership to access the system for the first time, you will have to confirm your identity via mobile phone.

1.5.1. Mobile phone channel via OTP (One Time Password). The online service of the company will send a short massage (SMS - Short Message Service) to your number before being able to use the online services of the company.

1.6. For those who do not have a Makro membership card or have never been a Makro card membership before, after you have registered for membership through one channel of the company’s online services, the system will automatically apply a Makro card membership for you. You can check your membership card number through the company online service channels. You can get the membership card at the branch you have chosen during the registration.

1.7. The company reserves the right to suspend services and/or withdraw your membership of online services of the company immediately without advance notice if the company aware or detect that you provided false information in the registration, have inappropriate behavior, legally contrary, contrary to the morals or there are reasons to believe that you use the online services of the company with deliberate fraud.

2.   Product details, prices and order. The company has provided product details and prices for you to refer as your initial information for product purchase decisions making. When you have made a decision to purchase a product or service and have followed the product purchase method, please review and check the product details and the shipping location shown on the screen before clicking to confirm the order

After you clicked confirm the purchase, it will be considered that you have agreed to the company to sell products to you. However, you acknowledge that the company will be able to sell only the products that the company has to you. The company cannot guarantee that the products listed in the company’s online services will be available, including price changes that may occur due to technical errors or there are a lot of orders coming in at the same time or there is changed of a price while you follow an invitation link to the company. By clicking confirm the order through the company’s online services, the company will consider it as a notification of the quantity of the product at the price you want only. The company will confirm the number of the products that available and can be delivered to you, including the price of the products that you have to pay on the invoice/order notification which is considered as a quotation to sell the company's products. The company will send a payment notification/purchase notification to your e- mail that you have provided in the membership system.

In case the products availability are not the full amount as your confirmed order or price changed, the company will notify you. If you insist on purchasing the products as much as the company has, the company will process the refunds or invoice the difference amount of money in accordance with the conditions that company makes an offer to sell products to you and for you to pay for the products. If the company does not have the products advertised in the prospectuses, the company will try to recommend other similar products to you which you can cancel the purchase of the product without any charge if you found the proposed product does not meet your wishes. In this case, the company does not take any responsibility.

Once you have paid the price of the product, it is considered that you acknowledge, satisfied and accept the product as details and specified specifications. The company does not confirm or guarantee that the product will be suitable for your business or any specific purposes of yours. If you are not sure or need more information to make sure that the products you wish to purchase suitable for business or meet your wishes, you can get information by calling Call Center Tel 09-770-330-003 ext. 200 – 204 Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs before deciding to purchase. You acknowledge that any prices and promotion (sales promotion) on the company's online services will be valid only for purchasing products through the company’s online services only. It cannot be used with the purchasing at the company's branches.

3.      Payment of products or service fees via online payment system on the company's online services, you will have to complete the payment process and the system will display result that your order has been successfully completed. In case your payment has not been approved by the payment service provider you selected, the company has the right to cancel your order.

4.      Conditions for receiving and changing or returning products.

4.1. Conditions for receiving the product. You must check the accuracy and condition of the product before signing receive the product. After receiving the product, the company will not be responsible for any defects or damages that occurs to the products. It is considered that the delivery of the product is completed when you or your attorney has signed to receive the product.

4.2. Conditions for changing or returning products. In case you wish to change or return the products, the company may consider changing or returning the products in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the company in case the products that you wish to exchange or returns are in complete condition. You must contact the company’s branch that you receive the products from within 7 days after the date you’ve received the products to request to change or return products

The company reserves the right to not change the products if the company finds that the products are used improperly, wrong using purposes or the products are damaged by your own fault. Returning the product within 7 days after receiving the products can be done under the warranty terms. In which you must contact the suppliers/manufacturer of that products directly.

5.      Shipping terms. If you order by using the company's delivery service, the company’s staff will call you at the telephone number provided during the payment process to arrange the delivery schedule. You cannot change the address or shipping address once the payment has been completed. Therefore you must make sure the address or shipping address is correct before paying the payment.

The company reserves the right for certain products that may require a period of time to waiting for the products from the manufacturers or distributors which may result in the delivery of products to exceed the specified period. The company’s staff will call to notify the customers of the delivery schedule. The company will deliver the products when receiving proof of the payment confirmation from the customers. In case that the products has not been received within 3 days after the company confirmed the shipment, please call the Call Center Tel 09-770-330-003 ext. 200 – 204 Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs.

The company may not be responsible for late deliveries due to force majeure that is beyond the control of the company. In case the company unable to deliver the products to you for any reasons such as no recipients at the place of delivery or the person residing at the place of delivery rejects the products, you need to pick up the products at the company later.

6.      Shipping fee. You can check for the shipping cost at which is online channel to check the company's shipping charges.

7.      Intellectual property. The company is the owner of the company's online services, websites, applications and social media, etc. The company owns and/or authorized to utilize licensed work, copyrighted work, trademark and any intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual property") in the texts, images, designs and works of any other intellectual property in all of our online services.

You, as a visitor and/or a user responsible for complying the laws, having good ethics including following these terms and conditions strictly. You agree not to take any actions which is copy, modification, download, distribution, or public release of any images, text, and/or any other intellectual property on the websites in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights without the permission of the company.

You, as a visitor and/or a user, must not take any action that will affect the normal use, security and integrity of the website or making false messages in order to disguise the facts or disguise the identity of the website’s users, trying to access accounts of other website’ users or any actions which obstructs the normal use of the website and/or harm the website and other website users.

If you do any of the above actions that have impacts or the company considers that the said actions may affect the websites or other users of the websites, the company will take legal actions which you will be responsible for any damages arising from the above mentioned actions.

8.      Other requirements.

8.1. Governing law of the terms and conditions. Any sales transaction through the online service of the company and resolution disputes between you and the company regarding the said transaction will be governed by Thai laws.

8.2. Waiver. Failure to enforce any of the terms and conditions will not be considered a waiver of the said terms and conditions and will not affect the enforcement of the said terms and conditions in the future.

8.3. Modification. The amendments of these terms and conditions is at the sole discretion of the company. This will be effective when a notification is made or appear on the website. Notices of changes on the website and/or e-mail delivery and/or through online applications are considered as a notification to you and you acknowledge and agree to abide by the said changes.

8.4. Communication and notices. You agree and accept that the communication between you and the company is mainly by electronic methods.   

9.      Limitation of the responsibility of the company. Any online products and services that you purchased or received from the online services of the company will be limited to the value of the products you purchased or services you received only. Unless you will be able to prove to the company without a doubt that the damages exceed the value of the said online products or services.

10.  Report troubles or complaints. The company has provide a customer service center to report troubles or complaints about problems from using the online services of the company. They will find a appropriate solutions for you immediately but if the company unable to proceed the complaint or resolve the troubles you reported immediately, the company will notify the reasons and the expected duration to the complainant through e-mails, applications, websites, social media, or telephone. You can report troubles or complaints via the Call Center Tel 09-770-330-003 ext. 200 – 204 Everyday from 08:00-17:00 hrs.

*** The company reserves the right to limit the amount of products purchases, promotional activity coupons or other digital data as stated in the company's online services without prior notice if there is a change ***